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When we started the Blue Key campaign, we knew that spreading the word about the life-saving work that UNHCR does would take more than just us, or the media.
It takes YOU.

So we brought on board a range of Blue Key Champions: people who are active online, passionate about causes and the work that UNHCR does, and who were generous enough to share our message for us. You can see a photo gallery of them at the end of this page.

We’re also thrilled that organizations and foundations are coming on board to help us spread the word, and to that end, we gratefully acknowledge Western Union, the Jimi Hendrix Foundation, Monarch Mortgage, Cision and Zoetica as Corporate and Foundation Champions. They will be actively spreading the word about the Blue Key on their websites and through social media, while uniting with their employees to show their support for the world’s most vulnerable people.

The point of the Blue Key campaign, and bringing on a range of people to be Champions, is that we believe many voices are stronger than one; and that even one person, who willingly spreads the word and energizes his/her networks to join the campaign, can make a difference.

USA for UNHCR thanks our Corporate and Foundation Blue Key Champions:

Western Union Foundation

The Western  Union Foundation has been a strong supporter of USA for UNHCR for several years, helping the UN Refugee Agency bring education and skills to displaced youth from Colombia to Kenya. By sharing news about the Blue Key through their social media networks, Western Union broadens the reach of the Blue Key to its thousands of customers.  The Western Union Foundation is reaching out to Western Union employees, too. Over 700 Western Union employees are using their Blue Keys to show their support for refugees around the world.

jimihendrixfoundationEstablished in 1988 by Jimi Hendrix’s father, James “Al” Hendrix, the Jimi Hendrix Foundation is committed to improving the lives of children around the world, encouraging peace and diversity, and inspiring creativity in the arts and science.  The foundation was also the first Blue Key Champion to come on board, lending their name and credibility to the campaign from the beginning.

Monarch-mortgageAs a mortgage company, Monarch Mortgage works relentlessly to help people purchase their new home and they know exactly how important a home is to each and every customer they have the privilege of working with. That’s why they have begun an in-house program to give Blue Keys as gifts to clients and referrals, supporting those who are in need while reminding others that not everyone is so fortunate to have a safe place to call home.

Cision logoA global public relations and media software company, Cision helps people and organizations power their stories. So when they heard about the Blue Key campaign, they wanted to help tell refugees’ stories… because if we don’t speak up for them, who will? That’s why Cision has stepped in as a Blue Key Champion, and will be sending keys to 500 digital influencers in the hope that they will pay it forward and share these stories too.

Zoetica“Giving back is part of Zoetica’s DNA. Since our founding we have pledged to give 10% of our profits every year to nonprofit causes we believe in. Also, our business model is to work with nonprofits and companies to affect social change. There are very few opportunities to make a direct impact on the issue of refugees, and working with USA for UNHCR to address this problem couldn’t be a more worthy endeavor.” ~ Kami Watson Huyse, Partner & Cofounder, Zoetica.



69 Responses to Blue Key Champions

  1. alan_howe says:

    Hi Lauren. I posted a link to the Blue Key effort on our CDP Watch blog. I hope that helps. – Alan Howe, Working Group on DIsplaced Populations

  2. lmeling says:

    Womderful! Thanks, Alan. We really appreciate it.

  3. nasomangel says:

    I support the blue key its my twitterphoto!/NasomAngel & I created a twibbon badge for the blue key

  4. kdpaine says:

    I’d love to help.

  5. Shonali says:

    @kdpaine I will email you!

  6. [...] out to cause-passionate bloggers who are active in social spaces to become Blue Key Champions (you can become one too, just let me know, the main “ask” is for you to publish a post [...]

  7. DonnaVincentRoa says:

    Just posted a blog piece on the Blue Key campaign and several tweets.

  8. DonnaVincentRoa says:

    PS – on your LinkedIn Page Website list…add “other website” and link to the campaign site. Do you have your blue key? for the title of the website.

  9. [...] a Blue Key Champion and Blog about the [...]

  10. [...] If you blog, are active online and empathize with the cause, join the campaign as a Champion. [...]

  11. samiaq says:

    great thing 2do #buekey to honor ths day and spread word all over the globe about refugees..wayyyyy 2gooooo

  12. Janet says:

    Here’s a link to my post too, happy to help a good cause.

  13. @Janet Great post! Thank you!

  14. [...] to 9 p.m. ET, seven days before World Refugee Day, and it featured a number of social-savvy “Blue Key Champions” tweeting via their personal Twitter accounts for at least an hour each, while supporting [...]

  15. [...] a.m. to 9 p.m. ET, seven days before World Refugee Day, and it featured a number of social-savvy “Blue Key Champions” tweeting via their personal Twitter accounts for at least an hour each, while supporting tweets [...]

  16. [...] can help me help the world’s 43,700,000 refugees right now. And you don’t even need to become a Blue Key Champion. However if you’d like to throw your hat in the ring, I’m sure UNHCR wouldn’t mind. But if [...]

  17. poquitaropa says:

    I have 3 BlueKeys. Now it’s your time. And be sure you can make the difference.You can save a refugee now. It’s now.!!!!!!

  18. Just wanted to share that this is a fantastic campaign and congrats to busting through that 6000 goal! Well done to all involved

  19. [...] time at a local refugee resettlement agency. I taught English to newly arrived refugees. I became a Blue Key champion. And I’m always looking for new ways to support all the causes I care [...]

  20. [...] is a Blue Key Champion and we participated in a few tweetathons last year to help build awareness around the campaign. [...]

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