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Get a Blue Key to Support Refugees!“Those who work to further causes they value tend to be happier and healthier, experience fewer aches and pains, and even live longer. And it’s not just that helpful people also tend to be healthier and happier; studies show that helping others itself causes happiness,” says Gretchen Rubin, author of The Happiness Project.

When we launched the Blue Key campaign, our hope was that regular, everyday people – people like you – would join us in giving refugees a voice. And that is exactly what it has done, as you can see from the several blog posts our Blue Key Champions have written, and the incredible success of our first-ever #bluekey Tweetathon.

And we’ve heard time and time again from those touched by the campaign that they have renewed gratitude for the little things we take for granted, forged new friendships, and have come together as a community to champion an extremely urgent cause.

We are ready to push the limits further. Here’s the game plan: in honor of UNHCR’s 60th Anniversary on December 14, our new goal is to get 6,000 Americans to get their own Blue Key by December 31, 2011.

Will you help us reach our goal?

Here are 6 ways you can help us unlock the Blue Key to happiness:

  1. Get your own Blue Key.
  2. Encourage your friends and family to purchase a $5 Blue Key.
  3. Follow USA for UNHCR on Twitter and join our Facebook community.
  4. Donate a Tweet a day to USA for UNHCR.
  5. Share the Blue Key blog posts with your network.
  6. Become a Blue Key Champion.
Will you consider helping us today? After all, studies show the worst symptom it could cause… is happiness!

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