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After seeing her friends on Twitter referencing a #bluekey during a recent #bluekey Tweetathon, Ann Marie van den Hurk was intrigued and decided to learn more. She was immediately inspired to stand up and give a voice to refugees around the world by becoming a Blue Key Champion.

Men are coming with guns. Houses are being burned. Your neighbors are being targeted. Livestock are being killed. You are afraid. You flee with only what you can carry. You walk many miles without food and water. You are filled of fear of being attacked. You seek somewhere to feel safe where basic needs can be met and that is a United Nations Refugee-sponsored camp. You have committed no crime other than being from the “wrong” ethic group, religion, or political party.

The above could describe many of the conflicts in the world today. There are 43 million people living in displacement. Of that nearly 20 million are children and many of whom have only known a refugee camp as their “home.”

Read the full post on her blog, Mind the Gap.

Ann Marie van den Hurk  is passionate about making positive change in the world. Accredited Public Relations/Marketing/Social Media Pro. Principal, Mind The Gap Public Relations. Foodie. Columnist. Mom. Wife. 

We hope you will join us on December 12th for our fifth Tweetathon by using #bluekey to join the conversation anytime from 9am-9pm EST.

Will you get your $5 Blue Key today?


Already have your key? Spread the good will by giving one to a friend. 


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