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After making an effort to give back by mentoring colleagues and students in various ways, Blue Key Champion Deirdre Breakenridge is asking them to thank her by simply paying it forward.

What would you think if I said, “You can thank me by paying it forward?”  Or, what if I pointed you in a direction to help people who are less fortunate?  My experiment over the next few months, in the spirit of Holiday giving, is to tell all of my PR and marketing friends that I’m happy to assist, but now I need you to pay it forward to someone who needs help. I would love to see the “thank you” go toward the purchase of a $5.00 #BlueKey to support the USA for UNHCR effort to help over 40 million displaced refugees worldwide.

Read the full post on her blog, PR 2.0 Strategies.

Deirdre Breakenridge is an author and 20+ year communications strategist. She blogs at and is a co-founder of #PRStudchat.

Will you pay it forward by getting your Blue Key today?

If you already have your Blue Key, please help us spread the word:


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