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The holidays are over – 2011 has flown by and 2012 is upon us. Have you mapped out your New Year’s resolutions yet? Are you going to exercise more? Quit smoking? Read more books?

I applaud you if you’ve chosen to make a positive change for yourself, but what if your New Year’s resolution was about improving someone else’s life too?

I’m not asking you to give up on your well-intentioned personal resolution; simply consider adding a piece to it that could benefit someone else. For example, if you’re resolution is to eat healthier, you could also pledge to work at a food bank once a month.

This year, my resolution is to be more penny-wise (not eat dinner out as much, go to Costco, use coupons, etc.) so that I can save up for a vacation. I am also going to continue my support of the Blue Key campaign. Before you start brainstorming your own ideas, I want to tell you more about this cause.

I’m hoping you were able to go home for the holidays or were surrounded by friends and family. If so, you know what it feels like to belong somewhere, to feel safe, warm and loved. Now, imagine someone uprooting you from your home and placing you somewhere you don’t want to be, where you don’t know anyone.

That’s how more than 43 million people who were forcibly displaced from their homes last year feel. These men, women and children from all over the world were removed from their homes due to conflict and persecution that was out of their control. Fortunately, there are people trying to help – The UN Refugee Agency, is working to provide services for 25 million of these refugees. However, UNHCR only receives 3 percent of its funding from the UN. As the needs of refugees continue to grow, the organization needs your help to keep performing this life saving work.

In addition to being a social media champion for Blue Key like me, you can also make a difference by supporting the Blue Key Campaign with just $5. For your donation, you get a blue key as a symbol of how you are helping to open doors for refugees worldwide.

When you’re giving up caffeine for next year, maybe grab a Blue Key to replace your daily coffee. Perhaps you’re pledging to get involved in social media – how about starting by sharing USA for UNHCR’s Blue Key Campaign?

Whatever your New Year’s resolution may be, what better way to hold yourself accountable than by doing something for yourself and someone in need?

Nicole Raisch
is an Assistant Account Executive on Edelman’s Federal/Government team. She is also a social media enthusiast, movie fanatic, and grilled cheese lover. Nicole grew up in California and recently moved to the Washington, DC area.


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