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As a wife and mother of two, Blue Key Champion Paula Kiger enjoys spending time with her family and revels in sharing special occasions with them. This November, her husband and father both celebrate their respective birthdays, but she’s sharing her birthday sentiments a little differently this year.

I am not giving them birthday cards. When I went to select a card for each
of them, I realized it would be easy to spend $5 on each man, for a colorful piece of cardstock, carrying a sentiment written by someone else, that may end up on the recycling pile within days. This year, they are getting blue keys instead.

Why blue keys?

By buying a $5 Blue Key from USA for UNHCR, the buyer of the key tells “the millions of refugees worldwide that they’re not invisible.”

Read the full post on her blog, Perspicacity.

Paula Kiger is the Director of Health Plan Services at the Florida Healthy Kids Corp. She writes, edits and proofreads under the name “Big Green Pen.” Her favorite job is parenting her two kids.

3 Responses to When You Care Enough To Send the Very… Bluest

  1. biggreenpen says:

    I am so happy to be a part of encouraging people to buy Blue Keys for the people they love (and for themselves). $5 is so “do-able” – it enables many people to be part of helping the world’s most vulnerable. I just gave a key to my friend Jeff for his 50th birthday. Fifty dimes – and they can do so much!

  2. @biggreenpen that’s a great idea! Especially with the holidays coming up, giving a meaningful gift is such a heartfelt way to show your friends & family that you care.

  3. [...] On March 13, 2012 · Leave a Comment After “giving the very bluest” with meaningful Blue Key gifts to her loved ones back in November, Blue Key Champion Paula Kiger wanted to spread the word further [...]

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